So This Woman Walks Into A Bar…

Late Saturday afternoon and we’re pushing through the cheery chaos of a bustling market square. Our destination: a handsome, refurbished pub, basking in a strong, low Autumn sun, windows brimming with banter and flushed faces. We find the last seats beside the fire: tastefully battered chesterfields with open arms and wide, padded laps. I’m at […]

The Saga of the Last Leaf

The last leaf clung to its bare bough by the flimsiest pestiole. Envious, it looked on; its fallen companions scooped into the vortex of a gust of wind that danced and spiralled in the corner of a churchyard wall. The little leaf tugged and tugged some more, as it watched the leaves’ joyous last dance […]

God, Under a Bush

Like many, I seem susceptible to impromptu attacks of introspection from time to time. Last Saturday I had little excuse. I was taking an afternoon train into the beautiful city of Bath to meet old friends. These are the kind of friends that are like old sweaters you lose down the back of a wardrobe: […]

When Summer Isn’t Summer Anymore

A grey-haired man, Harry, sits before the television in a modest home, one eye on his newspaper, the other on a tennis match unfolding before him. The sound of a key rattling in the lock of a front door is heard, and a woman, Jill, appears, carrying various carrier bags and sundries. Jill: Breathless. There’s […]

Weather Balloon

We have this little weather balloon; And I release him towards you, The sun tucked underneath his little arm. He skuds up three flights of stairs with ease, Whirring noisily all the way. Reports filter down to base camp As his green shoots break through The crackling ice of your troubled summit. The cool, clear […]

Round Pegs

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in square holes. The ones who see things differently.   Steve Jobs There is a boy called Michael. Michael is willowy, pale; he walks with long, low strides, arms straight down by his sides as stiff rods of iron thrust down […]