Flotsam & Jetsam

Four is a good age to learn pooh sticks. We – the boy and my self – are taking a slow walk back from the park on a still Sunday morning in October. The storm that abated the night before has left in its wake a world of bright puddles, sodden leaves and a rich […]

I am the Weekend

I am the weekend. I stand, open-armed, at the close of your week, absorbing your joyful sobs whilst placing a glass of something much-needed in your hand. Come dawn, like a lover, I whisper sweet birdsong nothings in your ear, occasionally relinquishing to let you slip once more into reverie. I rouse you with a […]

The Tiger Who Came to School*

Once there was a little girl called Sophie, and she was doing some multi-sensory phonics with her teacher, Ms.Krantz, at school. Suddenly there was a phone call from Reception. Ms.Krantz said, “I wonder who that can be. It can’t be the OFSTED inspector, because he came last week and put us into Special Measures. And […]

“I Know Not How to Tell Thee…”

Hello! Is this seat taken? Mind if I sit down? What I’m about to say is going to sound a little strange, but do please bear with me. I saw you do a double-take when I came through the door, so you might already have an inkling of where this is leading. Take a good […]

It’s Not a Competition! 

Welcome to the first day of the inaugural 2017 Teacher Olympics!  Due to the current funding crisis, we regret to inform you that the opening ceremony has been cancelled. It will be replaced instead by Justine Greening and the St Winifred’s School Choir’s rendition of ‘There’s No-one Quite Like Grammar’. Following this, we launch straight […]

The Child is Father of the Man

As far as journeys to work go, I’m luckier than most. For a start, I live around fifteen minutes walk away from the school in which I teach. Also, that walk happens to be across a picturesque Cathedral city, taking in a handsome market square, all overlooked by one of the tallest spires in England. […]

A Difficult Conversation

Outside a headteacher’s office, in a South London Academy.  Karen: Oh, hello Geoff. Angela will be with you in five minutes.  Geoff: I came as quickly as I could. Things started kicking off at the end of the lesson again with Jamelia Franks. That bloody child! Karen: Oh. Jamelia. I see. Pause Could I get you […]